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Isolation Transformer dbl 240V to 240V, 250VA

Isolation Transformer

Input voltage – 240VAC

Output – 240VAC, 1.04A, 250VA

Dielectric strength between windings and shield – 3kV

Copper wound, CRNO core, screwless terminals, Bottom mount

Available on backorder


Isolation Transformer built by Yashika Industries have been type tested and routine tested at our own test laboratory.
Yashika Industries is a leader in test and measurement and Transformers being one of our allied products, we have installed the best in class test and measurement equipment to test our products.
Input voltage – 240VAC

Copper shield between primary and secondary connected to ground terminal

Output voltage – 240VAC
Output current – 1.04A
VA Rating – 250VA
Winding material – Copper
Copper Shield after the outer layer of secondary connected to transformer mounting
Dielectric test voltage between windings and shield- 3kV
Core material – CRNO stampings
Input termination- screwless terminals
Output termination- screwless terminals
Mounting – foot mount with L Clamp
Dispatched in 2 days if available in stock, if not in stock the material will be dispatched within 4 weeks

Additional information

Weight5.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm


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